• Octopus by Joy

    Meet Octopus!

    The first icon-based watch™ that empowers kids by teaching good habits & the concept of time

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The training wheels for good habits!

It’s wearable, visual and it grows with your kids.

  • Ico1

    A watch

    It's a watch. It gives the time with icons, making it the first clock that young kids can actually read and understand. It links time to events.

  • Ico2

    A scheduler

    It's a scheduler for children that fosters responsibility, independence and self-esteem. Parents can program reminders from their smartphone that pop up on the kid's watch.

  • Ico3

    An assistant

    It's an assistant that helps parents prioritize expectations and stay consistent with daily routines. It gives tips and personal notes.

  • Robust & Simple!

    • Ico1

      Easy setup via smartphone

    • Ico2

      Bluetooth sync

    • Ico3

      Up to 600 stored icons

    • Ico4

      Water resistant

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Octopus grows with your kids. Some features unlock based on their progress.

  • App 1


  • App 2

    Digital Clock

  • App 3

    Analog Clock

  • Simply Fun!

    To help empower your kids and provide positive reenforcement, there is an optional gamification module.
    We kept the system very simple and the level of distraction low.

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    "This smartwatch teaches kids to manage their own time"
    - 21M views, 315K shares, 139K likes

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    "The icon-based watch that kids can read & understand"

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    "We believe that success starts with good habits," continued Hickmann

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    "it links the time to events and sends visual reminders"

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    "It seems like a fun family experiment that could introduce kids to some of the more helpful aspects of tech without sticking them in front of a screen"


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    "The routine-creating wearable for kids"


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    "We set out to build a wearable device that leverages the power of visual prompts to help manage daily routines and manage expectations."

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    "Octopus design looks very relax and playful, something kids will definitely love to wear around."

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    "Essentially the watch is a way to schedule things for kids to keep them on a routine"

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    "Octopus is like training wheels for good habits. It's a colorful, water-resistant watch and scheduler that young kids can read and understand"

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    "Parents can program reminders for kids, and at the set time, they'll appear on the child's watch"

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    "Octopus is an icon based water resistant watch that teaches kids good habits & the concept of time"

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    "The Octopus wearable teaches little ones more than time, it teaches time management. Awesome!"

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    "We're on a mission to reinvent how parents share time with their children. Less stress, fewer power struggles, and more quality family time."

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    "A smartwatch for kids? It might not be as silly as it sounds"

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    "$777,777 pledged by 6,954 backers. Most funded smartwatch for kids ever!"

The Team

At JOY, we are a team of passionate individuals with backgrounds in child development, engineering, business & communication.

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    Co-founder & CEO

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    Co-founder & CTO

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  • Team 5


  • Team 5


  • YOU?

    We're always looking for talents. Contact us!

JOY is Accelerated by HAX

The world's best hardware accelerator

JOY had the incredible chance to be selected by HAX to spend 4 months in Shenzhen - China to build the first prototypes.

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    We've been challenged to make the best product possible.

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    We built dozen of prototypes.

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    We tested with families and schools.

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    We pitched investors and journalists.


JOY is on a mission to reinvent how parents share time with their children. No more stress, no more power struggles. Only precious moments spent focusing on what really matters: quality family time.

  • App 1

    JOY San Francisco - USA

    479 Jessie st - San Francisco, CA 94103 - sanfrancisco@heyjoy.io

  • App 2

    JOY Annecy - France

    19 av du pré de Challes - 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux - annecy@heyjoy.io

  • App 3

    JOY Shenzhen - China

    Room 2101A, Office Centry Plaza, Futian District, Shenzhen, 518031 - shenzhen@heyjoy.io

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